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  • Yeager: Implementation of the Yeager & Ultsch method for establishing critical points. Installation includes an executable and source code.

Note: All the libraries/examples below require OpenCV.

  • Background Subtraction Library: library containing 7 popular background subtraction algorithms (adaptive median filtering, eigenbackground, single Gaussian, Gaussian mixture models, adaptive Gaussian mixture models, running mean, mediod filtering). This library was developed as part of the background subtraction project described here.
  • Texture-based Background Subtraction: based on the algorithm proposed by Heikkila et al. in "A texture-based method for modeling the background and detecting moving objects". I have implemented an extended version of this algorithm that works on colour images and have found it to work well. However, there are two notable difficulties with this approach. First, texture descriptors have difficulties in distinguishing areas of uniform texture. Secondly, the texture is calculated over a circular neighbourhood of radius R. As such, the resulting segmentation is limited to a resolution of around R.
  • Axis 206 Network Camera: simple example of multiple threads processing image data from an Axis 206 network camera. Uses Boost C++ libraries for threading and networking.

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